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Description : Victoria Lawson was stopping by to sell some dresses when she discovered Asa Akira getting ready to work. Asa was low on cash so she decided to trade her services for the dresses. She took Victoria by surprise as she undressed herself, then the brunette, and led her to the bathtub where she massaged her neck and shoulders. Victoria spread her legs open and Asa went tongue first into her pussy. They moved on to the Nuru massage where Asa poured gel on Victoria's tight young body. They slid up and down each other until they were completely sticky and slippery. Asa continued where she left off in the bathtub - licking, fingering, and rubbing her pussy. The girl was moaning and wiggling around. Asa walked away with some new dresses, and Victoria left with an orgasm and a smile on her face.
Description : Tessa's friends bought a massage session with Asa Akira for her because they know she's a little uptight. They think she needs to learn to relax and they know that Asa does special work with her clients. When Tessa is told to undress completely she hesitates but Asa reassures her that it's perfectly normal. She hesitates again when the towel is removed and requests to be covered. It's the breast massage that turns the tide. When the Asian masseuse tenderly rubs her breasts she can no longer resist. She masturbates her pussy and it's not long before Asa takes over with her tongue. The ladies engage in lusty dildo play too and the deep penetration makes young Tessa open up in ways she never imagined possible.